The Journey

Every year during the holiday season, I compose a poem for my friends and family. It gives me a chance to look back at the year I had and write down some form of reflection. Most of the poems are about finding the blessings that may be hidden from ourselves. We tend to focus on the negative. I call this the devils work.

This is why I chose to begin this blog. I too was getting drawn into the struggles I faced all the time instead of finding a way to learn from them and grow in Christ. I have found that it is not about the battle with the devil. It is more about choosing not to fight at all. Trusting in the Lord and having patience is the key. This is not to say it is not difficult to let go. Most things in life that are worth achieving are not easy to obtain.

Yesterday, being able to share in the celebration of Christ and all that He selflessly sacrificed for you and me, was exhaulting. My family has faced many sacrifices themselves. It was unknown if they would even be able to join us for the holiday. I find it funny that we cannot give it all to God to handle. Worry is such a wasteful emotion. In the end if He wishes it to be, then it shall be. This time I chose to let it go and lo and behold my family was free to be with us for Christmas day.

I am sharing this today to give you all a chance to experience what it feels like to give in to God. Let the weight on your shoulders be lifted high into the heavens. Let your worries be cast away. All that will be left is joy in your heart, patience in your soul, and spirit in your mind. Remember it is not about obtaining your goal, it is about living in and experiencing the journey to get there.


Budget Friendly

Budget. That dreaded word that defines spending only what you need and not what you want. I don’t know about you, but no matter how much money we make in our family, we always walk away with less than ample savings. Why is this? We made our bills on less income so why wouldn’t we be banking the surplus?

My simple answer? We all tend to live above our means. So no matter your paycheck, we still spend more than we need to. Material possessions still mean more to us as a civilization than they should.

When my husband and I were bringing home just enough money to get by, I felt as though we lived bigger than we ever had before. Seems odd, but in reflection I understand why that was. It forced us to pay attention to everything we bought making those items more valuable to us. It allowed us to be more creative and work harder to accomplish something we could have just spent the money on.

I long to go back to that time. I feel God tests us constantly to see how we will withstand the troubled times. During the simple times, humanity is selfish. One day I hope your go back to the harder times to test my faith in God and believe with every beat of my soul that He will carry me through it. Allowing myself to become closer to Him and my family by appreciating the blessings I am surrounded with each and every day.

More money, more problems? I think so. Simplicity is neglected in this world. I, on the other hand, long for it to return.

What is it about kid movies?

My daughter and I like to watch movies. This is no secret to anyone close to us. I don’t know what it is about kid’s movies that just puts me in an awesome mood. We watch movies every second we have. We go to the theatre as soon as a movie comes out, we buy the movie as soon as it’s released on dvd/blu ray, and we watch Netflix like it is going out of style.

Why? What is it about these movies that creates such special vibes? Today I decided to really figure out the why behind my good feelings.

I truly believe God puts things in our life for reasons beyond our comprehension. I know what you are thinking. Movies though? Really? Yes. As trivial as it seems, no matter the source, if it uplifts your spirit then it is important.

Maybe it is the laughter or the escape from everyday responsibilty. I know for a fact it is the quality time I get to spend with my daughter. Whatever the case, all that comes from watching these movies is joy. Do you have something in your life that does this for you? Trivial or not. This is just a simple form of God’s amazing intervention! Find yours and run with it!

Simply “Ugh.”

Ugh. Recently this has been the phrase of choice in my family. We are having chicken for dinner, ugh. You need to start homework, ugh. The laundry needs put away, ugh. You get the point.

Today as my 10 year old daughter and I were driving home from church, we had on a Christmas station. Tis the season and all. Naturally, as many would, I start singing. “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Now I don’t claim to be Mariah Carey, but I do know I can carry a tune. Not 30 seconds into the song I hear, “ugh!”. I ask her, what is the problem? I get only a look of pure disgust and a grunt. My response? Fine. Then I proceeded to turn the radio off completely, driving the next 30 minutes in silence.

So I ask myself. Was that the right choice? I know that as a human I am a sinner. I never claim to be perfect in any sense of the word. This was just one of millions of examples. So I ask God for forgiveness and guidance.

Every day there are countless numbers of opportunity to lean on God. Choosing the right path is not an easy feat. But asking God to guide you is. I find myself hesitant to speak to Him for fear my concern could not possibly be important enough to bother Him for. This is such the wrong way to think.

God wants us to turn to Him for everything life throws at us. To trust that He has all the answers. We typically do not get explanations of why life plays out a certain way. It is up to us to let go of the why and simply keep the faith.

As for the “ughs” life throws at us? Maybe we just replace them with an Amen. God:1 Humans:0


Inspiration comes to us in many different forms. Today I recieved what I believe was a divine intervention. It was clear to me that I needed to reflect on the responses I have to life. God has spoken to me today through an amazing maze of spiritual beings. Today is the beginning of stories I have had and will have to share. Share with not only all of you, but for myself.

The journey has begun. Today I walk with my creator, my salvation, my light, and my truth. I pray that you have the desire to follow in my footsteps.