Simply “Ugh.”

Ugh. Recently this has been the phrase of choice in my family. We are having chicken for dinner, ugh. You need to start homework, ugh. The laundry needs put away, ugh. You get the point.

Today as my 10 year old daughter and I were driving home from church, we had on a Christmas station. Tis the season and all. Naturally, as many would, I start singing. “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Now I don’t claim to be Mariah Carey, but I do know I can carry a tune. Not 30 seconds into the song I hear, “ugh!”. I ask her, what is the problem? I get only a look of pure disgust and a grunt. My response? Fine. Then I proceeded to turn the radio off completely, driving the next 30 minutes in silence.

So I ask myself. Was that the right choice? I know that as a human I am a sinner. I never claim to be perfect in any sense of the word. This was just one of millions of examples. So I ask God for forgiveness and guidance.

Every day there are countless numbers of opportunity to lean on God. Choosing the right path is not an easy feat. But asking God to guide you is. I find myself hesitant to speak to Him for fear my concern could not possibly be important enough to bother Him for. This is such the wrong way to think.

God wants us to turn to Him for everything life throws at us. To trust that He has all the answers. We typically do not get explanations of why life plays out a certain way. It is up to us to let go of the why and simply keep the faith.

As for the “ughs” life throws at us? Maybe we just replace them with an Amen. God:1 Humans:0


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