What is it about kid movies?

My daughter and I like to watch movies. This is no secret to anyone close to us. I don’t know what it is about kid’s movies that just puts me in an awesome mood. We watch movies every second we have. We go to the theatre as soon as a movie comes out, we buy the movie as soon as it’s released on dvd/blu ray, and we watch Netflix like it is going out of style.

Why? What is it about these movies that creates such special vibes? Today I decided to really figure out the why behind my good feelings.

I truly believe God puts things in our life for reasons beyond our comprehension. I know what you are thinking. Movies though? Really? Yes. As trivial as it seems, no matter the source, if it uplifts your spirit then it is important.

Maybe it is the laughter or the escape from everyday responsibilty. I know for a fact it is the quality time I get to spend with my daughter. Whatever the case, all that comes from watching these movies is joy. Do you have something in your life that does this for you? Trivial or not. This is just a simple form of God’s amazing intervention! Find yours and run with it!


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