Budget Friendly

Budget. That dreaded word that defines spending only what you need and not what you want. I don’t know about you, but no matter how much money we make in our family, we always walk away with less than ample savings. Why is this? We made our bills on less income so why wouldn’t we be banking the surplus?

My simple answer? We all tend to live above our means. So no matter your paycheck, we still spend more than we need to. Material possessions still mean more to us as a civilization than they should.

When my husband and I were bringing home just enough money to get by, I felt as though we lived bigger than we ever had before. Seems odd, but in reflection I understand why that was. It forced us to pay attention to everything we bought making those items more valuable to us. It allowed us to be more creative and work harder to accomplish something we could have just spent the money on.

I long to go back to that time. I feel God tests us constantly to see how we will withstand the troubled times. During the simple times, humanity is selfish. One day I hope your go back to the harder times to test my faith in God and believe with every beat of my soul that He will carry me through it. Allowing myself to become closer to Him and my family by appreciating the blessings I am surrounded with each and every day.

More money, more problems? I think so. Simplicity is neglected in this world. I, on the other hand, long for it to return.


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