The Journey

Every year during the holiday season, I compose a poem for my friends and family. It gives me a chance to look back at the year I had and write down some form of reflection. Most of the poems are about finding the blessings that may be hidden from ourselves. We tend to focus on the negative. I call this the devils work.

This is why I chose to begin this blog. I too was getting drawn into the struggles I faced all the time instead of finding a way to learn from them and grow in Christ. I have found that it is not about the battle with the devil. It is more about choosing not to fight at all. Trusting in the Lord and having patience is the key. This is not to say it is not difficult to let go. Most things in life that are worth achieving are not easy to obtain.

Yesterday, being able to share in the celebration of Christ and all that He selflessly sacrificed for you and me, was exhaulting. My family has faced many sacrifices themselves. It was unknown if they would even be able to join us for the holiday. I find it funny that we cannot give it all to God to handle. Worry is such a wasteful emotion. In the end if He wishes it to be, then it shall be. This time I chose to let it go and lo and behold my family was free to be with us for Christmas day.

I am sharing this today to give you all a chance to experience what it feels like to give in to God. Let the weight on your shoulders be lifted high into the heavens. Let your worries be cast away. All that will be left is joy in your heart, patience in your soul, and spirit in your mind. Remember it is not about obtaining your goal, it is about living in and experiencing the journey to get there.


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