It has been some time that I actually made a New Years resolution. At some point I decided if there was something I truly needed or wanted to change, then I should not wait until Januray 1st to make it happen. With this being said, there is still a desire for a fresh start with every new year.

When the three of us sat down to dinner tonight I asked what everyone had decided to change for the new year. My husband stated he wished to be more thoughtful. He wants to take a moment to think before he speaks. This is amazing news and I definitely rejoiced to the Lord when he confessed this tonight. I will continue to pray for his spiritual growth. My daughter, 10, still does not grasp the concept, but I know there are many great things she will accomplish as she always does. I am beyond blessed.

Even though I do not make resolutions, there is still something I resolve to do this year and all the years after. This is to let go. Let go of the worries, the stress, and the panic of the unknown. I have always been one to put the weight of the world on my shoulders. I am ready to brush them off and feel free to trust in the Lord. No matter what circumstance comes our way, it never fails that God prevails. I could immerse myself with anxiety and in the end it always works out. So why is it so hard to fall at God’s feet? Faith is a special thing. Either we can let the devil fill our heads with doubt or we can choose to rise above and free fall into the Lord’s grace. From now on, I am choosing to fly! Happy New Year!


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