Within the past several months my husband and I have been discussing different schooling options for our daughter. In her early years she was attending our local public school. By second grade she had been bullied enough for her to begin developing an anxiety disorder. We pulled her from public school and she has since been enrolled in a local private school. To say that this decision was one from God is truly an understatement. She excels academically and finally made some true friends. So what is the matter?

Those of you who are familiar with private schools may know the tuition cost can be extravagant. My husband and I do not make a lot of money. Somehow though, God has provided what we need to be able to support our daughter in this school. I am beyond amazed with what the Lord has blessed us with.

With her growing up and entering middle school, we find ourselves at another crossroad. Unfortunately her anxiety has begun to increase in its seriousness. We as a family are struggling with tuition costs, alternating work shifts,  and all of the other stresses of life. How do you balance it all? With complete sincerity, we have not balanced anything.

There are many times in life where we want a quick solution to a difficult problem. Patience is something I do not easily possess. But, no matter what the circumstance, the Lord never lets me down. It always works itself out and yet here I am feeling defeated. Worry is such a wasteful emotion.

By God making us be patient with decisions on our daughters school it has opened up lines of communication with my husband that had not been there in years. God has taken a challenging situation and made it into a life changing lesson. What are you facing in your life? Have you been able to remain patient? The funny thing about our God is that solutions are not on our schedule, but rather on his. Choose the path of the righteous and you will never be lost.

I am confident that we will be able to find the right answer for our daughter and her schooling. Not because we will have made the choice ourselves, but because I know God will eventually show us the best path to take.


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